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• Identifying details is often a matter of vital importance in medicine. A clearly defined and informative image is a fundamental requirement for certain diagnosis and therapy. The latest HD technology means that the camera systems of Richard Wolf are in a position to produce pin-sharp images of the most delicate structures.

• We specialize in the entire image chain as a system developer: We comply with the most stringent requirements from the endoscope to digital transmission, display, and storage of images created using endoscopic techniques.

• The new ENDOCAM Logic HD is a pioneering achievement in digital imaging. The system features flexible options for application and can already be adapted to match the technology of tomorrow. Powerful LED light sources and high-resolution chip-on-the-tip endoscopes complete the spectrum.

• The most advanced options reflect the current technological development standard. Visionary concepts also provide certainty for the future.

• This is the ideal platform for further innovations which focus on the image of essential perspectives.

Product Highlights


The new Sharp, new Authentic, new Efficient. 4K means a resolution of at least 3840 x 2160 pixels and therefore fourfold with respect to the previous HD standard.


Be flexible – The new camera flexibility in endoscopy. The name speaks for itself: ENDOCAM Flex HD is the innovative camera concept which meets the requirements for an easily operated, space-saving and versatile system.

ENDOCAM Logic HD with "Special Imaging Mode"

With immediate effect, the latest camera generation ENDOCAM Logic HD is supplied with "Special Imaging Modes" (SIM). Existing Logic HD Cameras can be easily upgraded using a USB stick and the SIM software free of charge.


3 D-Endoscopy System in HD quality. Maximum endoscopic Full HD image quality with three-dimensional depth – this is the benchmark for ENDOCAM Epic 3DHD. Human beings use their two eyes to gain orientation within a space. ENDOCAM Epic 3DHD also uses two eyes to generate an image of a space.

ENDOCAM Performance HD

Efficiency in Focus – Brilliance in View! The new camera system in single-chip technology redefines efficiency. ENDOCAM Performance HD offers maximum power at a comparatively cost-effective price. The powerful and user-friendly camera offers users the opportunity to display and store images with fantastic depth of detail. ENDOCAM Performance HD is ideal for interdisciplinary application in endoscopy.


The future in a new light – LED advances.
Light is the basis for surgical precision and appropriate diagnoses. Up to now Xenon-based light sources were the medium of choice. Richard Wolf LED technology is already capable of replacing the highest performance class "300 watt xenon".

Medical monitors for endoscopy

Monitors play a very important role in the chain of endoscopic imaging. All the medical monitors in the portfolio of Richard Wolf undergo an array of comprehensive tests in order to guarantee optimum system compatibility with the ENDOCAM endoscopy camera.


Equipment Carts in new design. All components have been designed for long service life and heavy-duty loads. RIWOmobil is a Class 1 medical device and is one of the few carts in the market with certification as a registered model to guarantee operational safety. All swivel-arm combinations have been tested for load capacity and tilt stability. The position of the monitor can be adjusted on all RIWOmobil versions to meet the needs of the op team.


• Identifying details is often a matter of vital importance in medicine. A clearly defined and informative image is a fundamental requirement for certain diagnosis and therapy. The latest HD technology means that the camera systems of Richard Wolf are in a position to produce pin-sharp images of the most delicate structures.

• We specialize in the entire image chain as a system developer: We comply with the most stringent requirements from the endoscope to digital transmission, display, and storage of images created using endoscopic techniques.

• The new ENDOCAM Logic HD is a pioneering achievement in digital imaging. The system features flexible options for application and can already be adapted to match the technology of tomorrow. Powerful LED light sources and high-resolution chip-on-the-tip endoscopes complete the spectrum.

• The most advanced options reflect the current technological development standard. Visionary concepts also provide certainty for the future.

• This is the ideal platform for further innovations which focus on the image of essential perspectives.

Product Highlights


Flexible Sensor Naso-Pharyngo-Laryngoscope

When functionality meets ergonomic form and design.
Apart from the conventional, rigid sinuscopes and flexible Fiber Naso-Pharyngo-Laryngoscopes, a flexible sensor endoscope is now available for ear, nose and throat applications.

Endoscopes for ear, nose and throat medicine

Endoscopes - perfectly integrated. Endoscopy has become established in ear, nose and throat medicine over a considerable period. There're rigid endoscopes in different diameters, lengths and viewing directions for indications in the specialist area of ENT

Laryngoscopes by Nikolai-Mantel

Specially designed for treating children.
Laryngoscopes by Nikolai-Mantel with different sizes and spatula shapes form the basis for a safe airway in order to introduce the instrument set into the bronchial system.

Laryngoscopy Set by Remacle

The set for optimum access - in one system.
In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Remacle, Richard Wolf has developed a laryngoscope set which provides users with an optimum instrument set for any application: Four laryngoscopes and the appropriate micro-surgical instruments in one system.


• Abdominal surgery involves operating on the organs in the abdomen and the entire gastrointestinal tract. Over recent years, the trend has been for minimally invasive surgery to be used increasingly in abdominal surgery. Laparoscopic surgery has been particularly successful in this area.

• Innovative instruments for Single Port Surgery, minilaparoscopy, pediatric and bariatric surgery, and for Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM) – we have a proven track record as a system developer and we supply the complete product range for laparoscopic surgery.

• Laparoscopic surgery is gentle on patients, user-friendly and reduces costs. This procedure provides the ideal solution for modern healthcare systems.

Product Highlights

ENDOCAM Logic 4K - SAXENA Pyloric Spreader - Laparoscopic Retrieval Bag

Insufflator Highflow 45

Versatility in New Design.
High-performance is the platform for perfect results. Alongside enormous flow capacity of max. 45 l/min, the new insufflator generation provides the user with four individual needs-based hardware versions and an intuitive operating concept with a large touchscreen. This saves time, improves control and provides outstanding support for the surgeon when carrying out interventions.


The new generation of Laparoscopes. Bright. Clear. True. Richard Wolf raises the quality of laparoscopic images to a higher level with the new telescope generation PANOVIEW ULTRA. The improved depth of field and luminous intensity of the new laparoscopy telescopes impress with natural colors and a modern ultra HD quality.

The Laparoscopic Single-channel Varicocele Dissection (LEVD)

The new technique in pediatric surgery. Single-channel Laparo-Endoscopic Varicocele Dissection (LEVD) is a new surgical procedure in pediatric surgery. The "scarless" intervention is associated with the reduction of surgical trauma and is carried out as an outpatient procedure.


The Laparoscopic Toolbox – the laparoscopic instrument system for individual, interdisciplinary application. ERAGONmodular offers users a wide range of options to put together their individual laparoscopic instrument set. Ergonomic handles, all diameters relevant to the routine requirements of medical practice, effective working lengths, and a range of jaw sections can be combined as necessary.

EndoTORCH Light Tube

Specially designed for the MILOS Method. The light tube for the MILOS Method (Mini Less Open Sublay Method) has been developed in cooperation with Dr. med. Wolfgang Reinpold, head of the Department of Surgery at the Wilhelmsburger Hospital Groß-Sand, Hamburg, especially for laparoscopically-assisted treatment of abdominal-wall / incisional hernias.

ERAGONmodular mini

New Instrument Set for Minilaparoscopy. The new generation of three-part, modular 3.5 mm instruments was developed on the basis of the successful ERAGONmodular concept and these instruments meet the highest hygienic standards. The proven click-it system permits simple assembly and disassembly, and is fully compatible with the ERAGONmodular series and the new ERAGONaxial handle.


Bipolar forceps and scissors system. Modular, ergonomic and safe – consistent compliance with these requirements is ensured through the modular ERAGONbipolar system. The proven click-it lock technology permits particularly simple assembly and disassembly, and it also allows the use of a wide range of jaw sections. The special interior joint mechanism prevents tissue or fine structures from being pinched. Complete insulation in the area of the joint mechanism also enhances safe operation. Coagulation only takes place where necessary.


New benchmarks in Single-Port Surgery. The innovative single-port technology can now also be used for standard interventions. Alongside surgery, this technique can be applied in gynecology and urology. The innovative complete system opens up fantastic technical and economic perspectives. The reusable character of the KeyPort-System eliminates discussions about additional costs. Modular structure. Simple introduction and securely anchored. The KeyPort silicone seal insert enables all instrument diameters to be accommodated.


When ergonomic design and intuition come together. The ERAGONaxial handle version is now supplied to expand the tried and tested modular forceps and scissor system ERAGONmodular which has an impressive track record in many different surgical applications. ERAGONaxial combines the advantages of the existing ERAGON handle concept, such as wide contact surfaces, optimum control of the rotatable knob, precise grasp and secure hold, with a surgical ratchet.


• Minimally invasive techniques are being increasingly applied in thoracic surgery. Today, diagnosis and therapy for diseases involving tumors of the lungs, the mediastinum, and the chest wall can be carried out using minimally invasive approaches. More than 60% of the interventions are carried out using endoscopic techniques. Shorter hospital stays for patients and a reduction in post-operative complaints are the result.

• Richard Wolf supplies the complete product range for endoscopic thoracic surgery. It also comprises innovative system solutions for single-port thoracoscopy, video mediastinoscopy and Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS).

• A long track record of experience in thoracic endoscopy – an area in our company with strong links to bronchoscopy – allows synergies to be achieved.

Product Highlights


Video Mediastinoscope, spreadable

The world’s first dismantlable video mediastinoscope.
Richard Wolf is supplying the world’s first dismantlable solution in the market with the new spreadable video mediastinoscope. A simple twist of the wrist enables this instrument to be dismantled into its constituent elements for optimum reprocessing. Complemented by the elegant haptic design and the integrated endoscope, this mediastinoscope offers users and hygiene personnel optimum prerequisites.

Mini-Thoracoscopy Set for Single-Port Technique

The future of diagnostic thoracoscopy .
This all-in-one instrument set for single-port thoracoscopy permits minimally invasive diagnostic procedures to be carried out in the thoracic area with just one small puncture. The semi-flexible operating laparoscope with integrated working channel forms the basis of the instrument. Various instruments can be introduced through this working channel or liquid can be suctioned off. Suctioning liquid even works when the instrument set has been inserted.

Instrument Set for Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS)

Ergonomic and functional .
Richard Wolf offers a wide range of combination options with its VATS Instrument Set. Trocar sheaths, instruments and endoscopes in different diameters and lengths. From the smallest trocar sleeve at 5.5 mm to the oval sheath with a lumen of 12 x 16 mm, ideal for use with a retrieval bag or stapler. Endoscopes especially designed for thoracic surgery with a 50° direction of view give users optimum visualization with a comfortable working position.


• Today, modern bronchoscopy is one of the most important methods of investigation for assessing diseases of the respiratory tract. Richard Wolf has focused especially on the advanced development of rigid bronchoscopy.

• Rigid bronchoscopes are used in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for a wide range of indications in the bronchial system. Particularly in the case of foreign bodies or for interventional procedures such as tumor ablation or stent implants, the rigid bronchoscope has gained a reputation as the gold standard.

• Richard Wolf offers a complete product range of flexible and rigid bronchoscopes for children and adults to remove foreign bodies or for early diagnosis of lung cancer. The company also supplies the next generation of rigid bronchoscopes with the optically integrated "TEXAS" Bronchoscope.

• The versatile product range is complemented by the Diagnostic Auto Fluorescence Endoscopy System (DAFE) for early diagnosis of precancerous lesions.

• Instruments, devices and Systems – a comprehensive portfolio for diagnosis and therapy with interventions in the bronchial system.

Product Highlights


ERAGONbipolar Biopsy Forceps

Bipolar Forceps for Biopsy Excisions in Rigid Bronchoscopy .
During interventional procedures, heavy bleeding can occur and requires quick action and a skilled hand to control it. Perfect cutting quality during tissue sampling is made possible with the ERAGONbipolar’s double-action and large, sharp-edged, spoon jaws. During tissue removal, bipolar energy can be applied instantly to stop unexpected bleeding. With the jaws closed, the instrument may also be used as a standard coagulation probe. A neutral pad is not required when using bipolar energy.


Articulating Forceps for Rigid Bronchoscopy .
The new articulating forceps were created to meet the needs of today’s interventional bronchoscopist and come in three different jaw types. They were designed especially to complement the TEXAS bronchoscopes and tracheoscopes, which offer the user to work under direct endoscopic visualization.

All three models include a 360° rotatable shaft, offering users a truly multi-functional instrument with the capability to adjust and lock the angle of the jaw opening.

Stent Loading System

Loading and deploying silicone stents – under optical control .
The simple handling of the new stent loading system is only one of many advantages of this system. It allows silicone stents of different sizes and shapes to be loaded with minimal effort into a rigid tracheoscope. This new stent loading system is suited for optimal use with the optical TEXAS bronchoscope together with the 300 mm working length tracheoscope tubes specially designed for interventional procedures.

TEXAS Bronchoscope

The first optically fully integrated, rigid bronchoscope.
The optically fully-integrated rigid "TEXAS" Bronchoscope was developed in cooperation with Dr. Garrett Walsh*. This instrument is used for diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopy, for interventions such as biopsy, tumor resection, removal of foreign bodies, and insertion or removal of stents. The key factor with these techniques is to ensure that the working channel of the bronchoscope is as large as possible.

Endobronchial Shaver Blades

Precise and selective removal.
Work in interventional bronchoscopy is carried out in conditions with very narrow lumens. This is therefore an area where every usable centimeter is helpful. Exophytic tumors often close off the main bronchi. If patients present with this kind of clinical picture, an experienced bronchoscopist is capable of carrying out tissue ablation. Alongside the existing methods applied for endobronchial ablation, these resections can be carried out effortlessly with the new shaver blades.


Diagnostic Auto Fluorescence Endoscopy in the bronchial area .
The Autofluorescence endoscopy is an imaging procedure for early diagnosis of cancerous changes, for example in the bronchial area. It offers physicians the advantage of being able to provide earlier and better diagnosis of malignant changes.
The DAFE System was primarily developed for early diagnosis of cancer in the bronchial area but it is now the method of choice for assessing the spread of tumors.


• The trend toward minimally invasive therapies and surgical procedures is particularly obvious in these disciplines, since major invasive interventions on the joints would lead to additional scarring and pain, as well as extended restriction of movement and a longer rehabilitation phase.

• Endoscopic joint access for surgical therapies guarantees minimally invasive modes of operation. The continuous expansion of indications for these innovative surgical methods is therefore the focus of many clinical developments and innovations in medical technology.

• Richard Wolf has collaborated with leading clinical partners to develop, produce and market arthroscopic systems and implants that can be applied to treat all joints.

• Richard Wolf instruments have been designed to combine efficiency and therapy at the highest level. Arthroscopic products and systems are developed for all joints and they are always in tune with the latest trends. The spectrum of products ranges from arthroscopes and instruments, through functional motor and fluid management systems, to implants for reconstruction of tendons and ligaments.

• The step into the future – arthroscopic equipment from Richard Wolf perfectly harmonized with the surgical techniques of today.

Product Highlights

ENDOCAM Logic 4K - T-Lock OSTEOTRANS - PiezoWave2 - PiezoWave - WellWave

Graftline - System for arthroscopic cruciate ligament surgery

One System – A Wealth of Options. Graftline, the newly designed instrument and implant system from Richard Wolf provides the versatile, medical platform for successful reconstruction of anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. Modular structure, diversity and universality. Graftline offers highly specialized, partly patented technology for an enormous range of surgical opportunities.

COXARTIS - Instrument Set for Hip Arthroscopy

Perfectly designed for the specific, anatomical characteristics of the hip joint . Arthroscopy has been a tool in standard orthopedic operations on many joints, for example the knee and shoulder joints, for many years. However, the surrounding musculature makes access to the hip joint much more difficult by comparison with the knee and shoulder joints.

Instrument Set for Elbow Arthroscopy

Precision to a new standard. optimized for the elbow. The special set offers a practical selection of instruments. The arthroscopist benefits from the perfect integration of all components to the anatomical requirements and optimum harmonization with the pathologies being treated. These features also facilitate the reduction of risks caused by delays and any resulting critical swellings.


Bioactive and bioresorbable interference screws for ACL and PCL reconstruction. BioactIF OSTEOTRANS is the name for the new generation of bioactive and bioresorbable Interference screws from Wolf. The unique Osteotrans composite material made of Poly-L-Lactide (PLLA) and unsintered Hydroxylapatite (uHA) demonstrates an osteoconductive effect in bones. Trabecular structures grow into the surface of the implant from the surrounding bone within a short space of time.

Microfractor PULSEShifter

To the point. Apart from cartilage transplantation (mosaic plastic surgery) and autologous chondrocyte transplantation, microfracturation has now become a very widespread method for treating cartilage defects. Microfracturation ranks among the bone-marrow stimulating procedures and is applied in cases of restricted cartilage damage that goes deep into the bone.


Controlled precision – the new irrigation and suction pump for arthroscopy. This is a new pump system for arthroscopic endoscopy. The software and technical enhancements make the pump ideal for diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopies. It combines the irrigation and suction pump in a single unit. A vacuum pump is integrated alongside the roller pump for irrigation. A single tube is adequate for evacuation. A second roller-pump tube set is not required.


• Endoscopic imaging has also been playing an important role in spine surgery for many years because high-resolution intraoperative imaging facilitates minimalized access ports to the operating site. This therefore provides a tool designed to implement concepts for minimally invasive surgery. Alongside the ventral endoscopic approaches to the spinal column, which are mainly used thorascopically for fractures and tumors, endoscopy is also being increasingly used for dorsal and lateral approaches in degenerative diseases.

• Moreover, since the endoscope is used very differently in these techniques, further differentiation is required in order to compare the various techniques effectively. Techniques that place the endoscope for visualization in the operation tube are designated as endoscopically assisted procedures (e.g. also MED for micro-endoscopic discectomy). Furthermore, full-endoscopic procedures have been developed and standardized in particular over the past 20 years.

Product Highlights 


Full-endoscopic Spine Surgery

The VERTEBRIS lumbar Instrument Set in the area of endoscopic operations on the lumbar spine is….

Interventional spine pain therapy

The pain therapy instruments are specially developed for precise 4 MHz radiofrequency application.

Radiofrequency surgery / Burr and shaver systems

The precisely focused effect of 4 MHz technology to protect peripheral tissue…

Universal manual drilling system

Typical indications for the use of manual burrs are foraminal stenoses due to degenerative changes at the pedicle or facets.

Fluid management

Safety for spinal irrigation – the new irrigation and suction pump for arthroscopy and full-endoscopic spine surgery with Spine Mode…

Endoscopic imaging

Recognizing details is absolutely crucial in minimally invasive spine surgery. A clear, informative image …


Particularly in spine surgery, images from various imaging media e.g. X-ray, MRT, endoscopic image) can be optimally presented to the surgeon, documented and retrieved at any time.


The instruments and equipment used in hospitals and practices represent a significant investment in assets which has to be maintained by professional reprocessing over a lifetime of many years…


• Diseases of the colon, rectum and anal canal relate to the medical field covered by proctology (colorectal surgery). Richard Wolf is specifically focused on procto-rectoscopy in this area which is one of the oldest endoscopic procedures.  

• Diseases of the anus and rectum, in particular hemorrhoidal disorders, are some of the most frequent reasons for seeking medical assistance. The conventional examination positions are unpleasant for both patients and medical examiners alike.  

• Richard Wolf joined forces with surgeons to create systems incorporating instruments and devices to address these sensitive issues. If these systems are combined with digital imaging, they provide a pioneering solution for precise documentation of findings in hospitals and out-patient settings.  

• This symbiosis of instrument set and convenient methodology – the RectoLution System from Richard Wolf now opens up a series of new and unprecedented perspectives for surgeon and patient. 

Product Highlights  



The perspective in rectoscopy.
Hemorrhoidal disorders are some of the most frequent diseases in the anal area. The conventional methods of examination are unpleasant for the patient and the attending physician alike. These very restricted techniques placed significant constraints on documenting the findings. The RectoLution-System from Richard Wolf opens up a series of new and unprecedented perspectives in rectoscopy. A large working channel integrated in the telescope is ideal for carrying a wide range of surgical interventions. The patented transparent viewing cap replaces the conventional obturator in the RectoLution-System and allows endoscopy of the anal canal to be carried out under natural conditions for the first time. Structures down to the capillary level can be envisioned in brilliant detail. This system can even be used to examine painful diseases of the anal canal. A suction ligature set has been developed especially for the RectoLution-System allowing hemorrhoid ligation to be visualized and documented under video endoscopic view.  


Suction and irrigation system for proctoscopy and rectoscopy
The "RECTO PUMP" instrument system has been specially designed for efficient cleaning of the rectum in proctoscopy and rectoscopy. Precise and clear visualization of the rectal cavity is often only possible with targeted flushing and simultaneous suction. The device is controlled by a microprocessor module. Individual device parameters are displayed on a large LCD display in the front panel. The user can define individual power levels using the front keypad. The examiner is able to use the foot switch to set individual device functions or adjust them directly at the unit. Suction and irrigation is carried out by a specially developed suction and irrigation pistol. The suction channel has been designed with a particularly large lumen so that suction can be performed efficiently. Simultaneous suction and irrigation is also possible with this special design. The necessary irrigation pressure of approx. 1 l/min is generated by a roller pump and activated by a foot switch.

Disposable Procto-Rectoscope Tubes

Packed sterile – for immediate use
Richard Wolf Disposable Procto-Rectoscope Tubes have a long track record in proctological diagnostics extending back many years. 

This step has now become even more efficient. Sterile packaging at the factory means that the procto-rectoscope tubes are now ready for use immediately.
This eliminates the process of disinfection prior to application. An easily readable scale makes documentation and checks easier. 
The combination of a disposable tube and reusable handle offers an ideal, cost-effective solution.
Disinfection before use is eliminated.

Each tube is packed singly, sterile.

In working lengths of 120 mm and 255 mm.

Application with reusable R. Wolf handle.


• Endoscopic and minimally invasive procedures have a long tradition in gynecology. Alongside diagnostic hysteroscopy, recent years have seen surgical hysteroscopy further consolidating its position in hospitals and out-patient centers. Surgical hysteroscopy places high requirements on endoscopy equipment used by gynecologists.

• Products and system solutions for gynecology at Richard Wolf have always followed the principles of quality, easy handling and patient-friendly application. This approach has frequently enabled classic endoscopic procedures to be placed on a new technological platform. We generate visions as the nucleus for innovations from an ongoing exchange of ideas and communication with leading gynecologists.

• New benchmarks for patient safety and user-centricity also characterize the world’s first resectoscope with automatic tissue chip suction – the RESECTION MASTER System. This is one of many premium instruments and yet another reason for the trust placed in instrument sets from Richard Wolf.

• Reducing risks during interventions and to minimize negative outcomes for patients – priorities for achieving further highly innovative system solutions in gynecology.

Product Highlights

PANOVIEW ULTRA - ENDOCAM Logic 4K - ERAGONmodular mini - Insufflator Highflow 45 - ERAGONaxial - ERAGONbipolar

Princess Resectoscope

Slim 7 mm resectoscope for minimal dilatation effort.
The Princess is the thin resectoscope from Richard Wolf with an outer diameter of just 7 mm. It is used with the PANOVIEW telescope featuring 12° direction of view. The benefits of small dimensions are particularly important. Transcervical insertion in particular has been considerably facilitated due to the significantly reduced volume, and tissue trauma has also been substantially reduced. Another benefit is simplified intraoperative handling in small uterine cavities. These small dimensions permit very fine and exact dissection. The intrauterine pressure can be kept particularly low due to the reduced space requirement. Less fluid consumption and loss are the result. The instrument with hybrid technology can be used for monopolar and bipolar application.

Compact Hysteroscope 3.8 mm

Exceptional image quality.
The Compact Hysteroscope makes a big contribution to comfort during an intervention with a very small diameter of only 3.8 mm, the PANOVIEW telescope with a 30° direction of view, and the separate inflow and outflow channels. This is very important in particular for fertility and sterility patients. 5 Fr. auxiliary instruments can be introduced through the straight working channel and used to achieve a very gentle intervention. "True Continuous Flow Technology" with separate inflow and outflow channels delivers ideal visibility conditions even in difficult situations. This means that the overview remains stable even when an auxiliary instrument is introduced. 

SecuFix Uterus Manipulator

Safety in a new light.
The development of patient-friendly, minimally invasive hysterectomy techniques and the associated good results now mean that hysterectomy can today be carried out laparoscopically in many cases. The new SecuFix Uterus Manipulator defines new benchmarks for safety. The atraumatic fixation of the uterus using vacuum aspiration and "Colpotransillumination", i.e. the option of visualizing tissue using distal, annular illumination for the cervical cap are the significant new product features. They are important factors for an optimum surgical result and permit compliance with oncological criteria, e.g. the avoidance of intraperitoneal tumor cell dislocation.


Resectoscope with automatic chip suction for permanent overview.
The resectoscope is regarded throughout the world as the "Gold Standard" in the therapy of intracavitary myomas. When a myoma resection is carried out, the chips from the resection float in the dilatation medium and make a clear overview increasingly difficult or obstruct the view altogether. The chips then have to be removed periodically. Every time the resectoscope is inserted again, coagulated blood first has to be flushed out when the hydrometra is established until good visualization of the operating site has been achieved and the resection can then be continued. Manipulations of this nature entail an enhanced risk of perforation. Longer operating times present a particular risk of the dangerous TUR syndrome. 

Morce Power Plus

Efficiency is easy.
The use of electronic morcellators in gynecological laparoscopy has been established for a long time. New trends in the treatment concept for intramural myomas and most importantly the introduction of laparoscopic, supracervical hysterectomy require advanced development of new systems geared toward further simplifying the application of morcellators and making them safer to use. Development of the Morce Power Plus Morcellation System has enabled Richard Wolf to create the ideal conditions for morcellating large volumes of tissue more easily, more quickly, and more safely in line with global trends.


5 Fr. Bipolar Electrode for dissection, preparation and coagulation in hysteroscopy.
The outstanding materials used in this premium product for HF gynecology meet all the exacting standards of hysteroscopy. Although the material of the BipoTrode has a natural stiffness, the processing of a semi-elastic steel means that the BipoTrode can also be used in classic hysteroscopy instruments with an angled 5 Fr. working channel. The stiffness and simultaneous flexibility of the BipoTrode helps the gynecologist in mechanical preparation, dissection and coagulation during hysteroscopy.


• For a long time, urology was under the influence of conservative surgery – today urology is inconceivable without the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of modern endoscopy. Cystoscopy, transurethral resection of the prostate / bladder (TUR-P/B, semirigid and flexible uretero-renoscopy and percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) are routine procedures and are being continuously improved by new technologies. Treatments for kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethras, and the prostate can be carried out at the highest level.

• At the present time, urology is also characterized by technical advances in medical technology. It is a specialist discipline using new and revolutionary treatment methods in resectoscopy, uretero-renoscopy, and laser therapy, while also complemented by innovative endoscopic instrument sets.

• Innovations are created at the interface between knowledge, inspiration and experience. First-class products for all urological applications – the spectrum ranges from rigid and flexible instruments to complex systems for intracorporeal and extracorporeal lithotripsy.

• Richard Wolf used this integrated approach to develop the world's first flexible two-channel laser uretero-renoscope and an effective laser enucleation instruments. We define new benchmarks for proven technologies in the area of resectoscopes.

• Innovative solutions set new standards – today urology is regarded as one of the most advanced disciplines in medicine.

Product Highlights

PANOVIEW ULTRA - ENDOCAM Flex HD - ENDOCAM Logic 4K - The new disposable products from Richard Wolf for endourology

MegaPulse 70+ Laser

Power. Flexibility. Usability.
The new Holmium: YAG Laser MegaPulse 70+ has a maximum power of 70 watts and offers the potential for performing two types of intervention in one powerful device – lithotripsy and enucleation. The MegaPulse has interdisciplinary, versatile application (e.g. in gastroenterology, gynecology, general surgery)… Power: 70 watts, energy: max. 5.0 joules, frequency: max. 60 hertz. Wide range of user settings for lithotripsy and the treatment of soft tissue (enucleation). Special laser fibers for particularly high power. Automatic laser fiber recognition using RFID antenna even in sterile packaging. 12“ rotatable and foldaway touchscreen monitor. Two pedal foot switch (e.g. for fragmentation and pulverization). Adjustable pulse duration of 50 µS - 1100 µS.

Shark Resectoscopes

Precision with bite – Resectoscopes from R. Wolf.
The "Shark" resectoscope is functional, precise and efficient. The consistently ergonomic design of the perfectly harmonized overall system offers an impressive instrument with intuitive handling, control, and safety. These characteristics were also confirmed by an "iF Product Design Award 2013".  Intuition as an operating principle – The system elements are uniformly assembled and dismantled using snap-on locks. This technology is an enormous time-saver and permits very easy, comfortable and faster working. In addition to the "snap-on" locking mechanism, the innovative "Shark tip" features a distal sheath design, which allows precise and focused control of irrigation flow. 

System blue: Photodynamic Diagnosis of Bladder Tumors

Become more visible.
Early identification plays a key role in the treatment of bladder tumors. The new System blue from Richard Wolf uses a unique LED-based light PDD light source for the first time. It allows a urinary bladder carcinoma to be distinguished even more clearly from healthy tissue.
The innovative system is made up of five components which are ideally matched to each other:
- ENDOLIGHT LED blue Light Source
- Special fiber light cable
- PENDUAL blue HD Camera Head
- PANOVIEW Telescopes blue
- ENDOCAM Logic HD Camera Controller 

MAMBA vision

The new flexible Sensor Cystoscope for ENDOCAM Logic 4K Platform.
The MAMBA vision is - a third member of the vision family - and it impresses by featuring a thin and exceptionally flexible outer sheath with articulation through 210 °, both up and down. The large working and irrigation channel permits optimum irrigation performance. The new flexible Sensor Cystoscope MAMBA vision has outstanding image quality coupled with homogeneous illumination provided by two distally integrated LEDs. The Highlight are the 6 integrated Special Imaging Modes (SIM) - Digital algorithms for easier tissue differentiation.

COBRA vision

Unique – the flexible dual channel sensor ureterorenoscope.
The flexible dual channel sensor URS COBRA vision impresses with the unique selling point of two working channels which permits simultaneous working with two inserted auxiliary instruments and therefore significantly reduces intervention times in the operating room. Alongside outstanding image quality, this instrument has a special laser shifter for fixation and precise positioning of the laser fiber. Naturally, the COBRA vision is also compatible with the latest ENDOCAM Logic 4K camera platform and offers the same sensor and integrated LED illumination as the BOA vision. 

BOA vision

Unique – the innovative, flexible single channel sensor ureterorenoscope.
The flexible single channel sensor URS BOA vision ranks among the pioneers in the market for video URS, because it is currently the only sensor URS capable of being used in an access sheath > 9.5 Fr..  It impresses with its slimline sheath and excellent, detailed image quality, its 3.6 Fr. working and irrigation channel, and the option of 270° upward and downward deflection. The BOA vision has a sensor unit which operates together with the latest ENDOCAM Logic 4K camera platform. This instrument is illuminated with an integrated LED for optimum illumination of the operating site without interfering light spots.

Bipolar Enucleation Electrode

Enucleation simply different.
Therapy for benign enlargement of the prostate has been increasingly developing in the direction of transurethral endoscopic enucleation. Richard Wolf has developed a special electrode for this purpose in order to meet the varying requirements of bipolar enucleation.
Cost-effective system solution: The electrode in combination with the PIRANHA Morcellator and the SHARK Resectoscopes provide an economic system solution with a lot of advantages. 

Sterile Universal Sealing Valve

Self-closing seal system for universal application.
High level of adjustment capability with comfortable handling – the sterile Universal Sealing Valve can be used individually with rigid and flexible uretero-renoscopes, nephroscopes, cystoscopes, etc. The special internal and external thread permits adaptation to all 3 mm luer connectors and mounting threads. The sealing valve is self-centering and fits automatically to the corresponding diameter of the inserted auxiliary instrument, which prevents egress of irrigation fluid. This design makes it easy to introduce instruments from the distal end and from the proximal side of the instrument without any hitches.

The new disposable products from R. Wolf for endourology

Everything from a Single Source.
Completion of the product portfolio with new disposable products now provides all the equipment necessary for endourological interventions (video and laser equipment, instruments and disposable products. A wide variety of sterile disposable products are available for use in the following applications:
- Percutaneous nephrolitholapaxy (PCNL)
- Flexible uretero-renoscopy & laser lithotripsy
- Semi-rigid uretero-renoscopy
- Cystoscopy


• Pediatrics comprises a broadly based, specialist spectrum in the diagnosis and therapy from newborn through to adolescents.

• The dialog with physicians and researchers, the experience and know-how in endoscopy also form the platform for instrument sets in pediatrics, designed to meet the anatomical and pathological circumstances of children and adolescents.

• The product portfolio of Richard Wolf for these patients comprises the diciplines ENT, abdominal, thoracic and tumor surgery, through to pediatric urology and orthopedics.

• Minimizing the potential risks of interventions and reducing the trauma for small patients – the miniaturization of instruments was an important milestone on this way.

Product Highlights

PANOVIEW ULTRA - ENDOCAM Logic 4K - ERAGONmodular mini - The Laparoscopic Single-channel Varicocele Dissection (LEVD) - Laryngoscopes by Nikolai-Mantel

Fibre Uretero-Renoscope

Ultrathin – 4.5 / 6.5 Fr.
Designed for extremely narrow dimensions, this ultrathin fibre uretero-renoscope is ideal for therapy in small children, children and adolescents. The oval shape of the irrigation and working channel permits optimum irrigation and operating with the corresponding auxiliary instrument set.


Endoscopes for neonates up to adolescent.
For indications in the specialist area of pediatrics, Richard Wolf supplies rigid endoscopes with different diameters, lengths and fields of view. Modular system solutions complement the product range with flexible endoscopes in the most advanced technologies for the treatment of patients ranging from neonates to adolescents.

SAXENA Pyloric Spreader

The next generation of minimally invasive instruments for pyloromyotomy.
Children with infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis (IHPS) are born with an enlargement and thickening of the circular pyloric muscle (muscle controlling the exit of food from the stomach). This means that the passage leading out of the stomach is constricted by the enlarged muscle and food is unable to pass out of the stomach.


Medical products from Richard Wolf represent innovative technologies that define the very highest global benchmarks. New treatment standards have also been generated in shockwave therapy and this drive for innovation is continuing into the future.
• In Urology
Multimodal treatment systems define new standards geared to the future of endourological stone treatment and Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy (ESWL).
Unique selling points, like piezoelectric double-interface technology, three-way focus and dual-simultaneous real-time location provide the fundamentals for highly efficient stone disintegration. Point focused and linear focused shockwaves using the PiezoWave 2 have shown to provide very good results in the treatment of vascular-related ED and IPP.

• In Orthopedics
Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) and Trigger Point Shockwave Therapy (TPST) are non-invasive procedures for treating acute and chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system.
Many different indications in orthopedics benefit from the range of therapy units based on piezo single and two-way interface technology: Focused, planar and -as a world first- linear focused.

• In Physiotherapy
Trigger Point Shockwave Therapy (TPST) is a highly efficient, non-invasive treatment for chronic pain located in the skeletal musculature. In the context of physiotherapy this therapy offers a significant expansion of the user spectrum in myofascial therapy and sports medicine. The piezoelectric shockwave principle offers adaptation of different shockwave modules. A globally unique scenario provides a choice between the conventionally focused or the linear focused shockwave, as well as the planar pressure wave.

Product Highlights

PiezoLith 3000

Modular ESWL System. The modular structure of the device concept allows individual system requirements to be taken into account. Different location systems can be combined with the lithotripter module to create an ergonomically optimized workstation. A stationary arrangement of the devices allows direct access to the system without having to readjust the components.

PiezoLith 3000Plus

Focusing on multimodal stone management. Urological stone management now encompasses a variety of procedures in which extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy has become established as the central treatment. The combination with endourological interventions places particular demands on a multimodal ESWL workstation for stone management.


Shockwave therapy focused, planar. The PiezoWave combines orthopedic ESWT applications with the treatments of TPST (Trigger Point Shockwave Therapy) and offers an important expansion of the range of therapies that can be administered for myofascial pain syndrome. The extracorporeal, focused shockwave permits precise diagnosis and therapy of active latent trigger points.

PiezoWave 2

Shockwave therapy focused, linear, planar. New and improved features define the next generation of piezo shockwave devices from Richard Wolf and ELvation Medical. The latest development of a linear focusing shockwave therapy source is a world first. This facilitates significantly more homogeneous and more effective application compared with conventional, point-focused shockwaves.


Shock wave therapy low-energy, focused, planar. The WellWave is a focused, low-energy therapy and massage system for application in physiotherapy. Designed for therapy of myofascial pain syndromes, muscle contractures, trigger points, and acute and chronic sports injuries. Patient-friendly treatment is provided on the surface of the skin, no mechanical vibrations, no skin irritations, no hematomas.

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