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Transport Ventilation for Emergency Medical Services, Military Medical Corps and Hospitals

The medical equipment used by emergency medical services and hospital staff is critcally important to the successful outcome of emergency and transport ventilation. With assistance
from mechanical ventilation, emergency personnel have their hands free for other important tasks. The device‘s steady respiratory rate and constant volume prevent potentially aggressive ventilation and guarantee consistent ventilation quality. Our extensive ventilation line consists of MEDUMAT emergency and transport ventilators, the MODUL system for CPAP therapy and oxygen inhalation, as well as the COMBIBAG resuscitator. You can put all these mobile components together to customize our portable system LIFE-BASE to satisfy the requirements for your field of use in emergency medical services, military medical corps or hospitals.

MEDUMAT Transport

The WEINMANN Emergency ventilator covers a broad range of uses from pre-hospital treatment to intensive care transport and, thanks to its hygiene input filter, contamination transport too. It also features simple and intuitive operation. You are free to concentrate on the patient whether you are in the air, on the ground or in the hospital. Given its robust construction, It complies with all major standards, such as RTCA/DO 160 and EN 1789. The ventilator also takes into account the increasing importance of epidemics and highly resistant microbes. Even in contaminated environments, the hygiene input filter reliably protects the device's interior from viruses and bacteria. To make sure that everything runs smoothly after your purchase, WEINMANN Emergency offers you extensive training and excellent service.

MEDUMAT Standard²

MEDUMAT Standard² offers a completely new view of modern emergency and transport ventilation. The display provides a clear, well-structured overview of all major respiratory parameters and optional ventilation curves. It also offers clearly better perspectives for flexible use.
The integration of a robust flow measurement with sidestream capnography and the presentation of curves in the display provide ideal monitoring of the patient.
With optionally available ventilation modes, MEDUMAT Standard² can be adjusted to any circumstances and users. In addition to IPPV, the device is equipped with the modes CPR (for cardiopulmonary resuscitation), RSI (for rapid sequence induction), Demand and CPAP (optionally with ASB).


Our MODUL system, made up of the MODUL CPAP, MODUL Oxygen and MODUL Combi, broadens the field of application for your MEDUMAT ventilators. Simply select the function(s) you need, e.g., oxygen inhalation or suction, and put together your own personal.
MODUL CPAP: Provides safe and highly effective CPAP therapy at the site of an emergency.
MODUL Oxygen: Infinitely adjustable oxygen inhalation from 0 to 15 liters/minute, with O2 quick coupling (Walther) and straight connection nozzles for inhalation tube.
MODUL Combi: Suction and oxygen inhalation from 0 to 15 liters/minute, secretion suction fixed at –0.5 bar, with O2 quick coupling (Walther) and connection nozzle for inhalation tube and test pressure gauge.


World First: Now with Ventilator in a Single Unit

Defibrillation is one of the most important tasks in emergency medical care. When the heart loses its rhythm, every second counts. Seconds in which human life can be saved. Our defibrillator MEDUCORE Standard first checks your emergency patient carefully and then, if necessary, delivers a shock to defibrillate. If the patient also requires oxygen therapy or emergency ventilation, you are ideally equipped with MEDUCORE Standard. Integrated on our LIFE-BASE portable system, MEDUCORE Standard in combination with our MEDUMAT ventilators offers the world's first mobile solution for monitoring, defibrillation, ventilation and oxygen therapy.

Monitor/Defibrillator MEDUCORE Standard²

User-friendly technology of the highest medical standard is all important here and MEDUCORE Standard² won't let you down. The practical, handy defibrillation and monitoring unit can be quickly transported to the scene of an emergency, provides optimum support during resuscitation and enables effective monitoring with all key parameters, including NIBP.

Monitor/Defibrillator MEDUCORE Standard

MEDUCORE Standard supports you every step of the way – the defibrillation and monitoring unit guides you intuitively through resuscitation. Clear voice prompts, a metronome for maintaining the correct chest compression rate and a professional alarm system ensure you always have a clear overview. Simultaneous shock charging while automatically analyzing the cardiac rhythm in AED mode means that, if required, shock administration can take place immediately so as to ensure chest compression is interrupted by defibrillation for as short a period as possible. The large and bright color display means you have the key patient parameters in sight at all times – as well as, depending on your requirements, SpO2 measurement, manual defibrillation mode and 6-lead ECG.

Portable System LIFE-BASE

Everything in Your Hand.

Only our portable system LIFE-BASE gives you the option of putting together a highly individualized mobile and robust ventilation and oxygen therapy system with exactly the technology you need. Thanks to the system's modular design, you can quickly and easily customize your own system with ventilators, defibrillators, oxygen cylinders, pressure reducers or modules. All the portable system variants are extremely robust and specially made to satisfy requirements of everyday emergency medical services. In emergency vehicles and air ambulances LIFE-BASE is protected by the crash-proof BASE-STATION wall mounting.

LIFE-BASE light/light XS

The handy transport solution for quick deployment.
The portable systems LIFE-BASE light and the smaller model .LIFE-BASE light XS are optimized for intra-hospital use and emergency medical services. The separate standard rail equipment mount holder, which complies with EN 1789, ensures safe and secure accommodation in the vehicle. The portable systems are compatible with MEDUMAT Transport, MEDUMAT Easy CPR, MEDUMAT Standard2 and MEDUCORE Standard. LIFE-BASE light and LIFE-BASE light XS also can be equipped with other modules and accessory bags as needed.


Small, Handy and Versatile Portable System for MEDUMAT Transport.

LIFE-BASE 1 NG and LIFE-BASE light are the perfect portable systems for all the different ways you can draw oxygen supplies for MEDUMAT Transport – from separate cylinders, bags or a central gas facility in a hospital.

A compact and protected portable unit can be put together with the shoulder bag and strap (both available as accessories). The fold-out elements in the protective bag make it easy to reach the gas and power supplies, the rechargeable battery and patient hose system.

Focus on the essentials.

LIFE-BASE 1 NG XS is the ideal solution wherever compact and handy ventilators or defibrillation/monitoring systems are required. The portable system is perfect for professional air and ground emergency medical services and the use of oxygen cases, separate cylinders or a central gas supply system. LIFE-BASE 1 NG XS is impressively small with a width of just 22 cm and a weight of only one KG. The optionally available protective bag and accessories bag made of tough PVC are easy to clean and specially designed to accommodate the accessories for MEDUMAT Standard² and MEDUCORE Standard.


The small portable system for tight spaces.

The small, compact design of LIFE-BASE Mini II makes it extremely stable and particularly suitable for use in close quarters. Controls are mounted at a slant, unlike the other portable systems LIFE-BASE light, 1 NG, III, 4 NG, II and E III MANV. In that position, the device is easier to use and the display easier to read. You can equip the LIFE-BASE Mini II with a STATION MEDUMAT. For greater flexibility, the click-out mounting lets you quickly remove the ventilators MEDUMAT Standard² and MEDUMAT Standard when you have to place them, e.g, in the vehicle ceiling over the patient gurney.

The compact transport solution among portable systems.

The compact portable system LIFE-BASE 3 NG with integrated oxygen cylinder is suitable for use with MEDUMATStandard², MEDUCORE Standard or the two devices combined. Because the system has extra storage space for the oxygen cylinder, it is no longer necessary to take along a separate cylinder. The LIFE-BASE 3 NG can also be equipped with other MEDUMAT ventilators, additional modules and accessory bags as needed. Compatible wall mounting: BASE-STATION 3 NG

The medium-sized portable system.

The robust aluminum construction of LIFE-BASE III provides ideal mechanical protection for the mounted devices like MEDUMAT Standarda and MEDUMAT Easy CPR. The protective bag covers the LIFE-BASE completely and prevents damage to the devices from rain, sand and dust. That’s why the LIFE-BASE III is the Number One choice of many armies. In addition to variable gurney and bed mounting, LIFE-BASE III has a shoulder strap and lots of storage space in the roomy protective bag. You can equip the LIFE-BASE III with a STATION MEDUMAT.

Portable System with MODUL Oxygen and Three-Way Oxygen Administrator.
Emergency personnel repeatedly face the same problem when oxygen is needed for mass casualty incidents (MCI): they don't have the right equipment. LIFE-BASE III - MCI, which is tailored to these typical usage conditions, supplies up to four patients with oxygen, quickly and efficiently. Rescuers can keep their hands free for other tasks. Large oxygen cylinders can be connected to LIFE-BASE III - MCI as required.
The spacious portable system.

The robust aluminum construction and front bracket on the LIFE-BASE 4 NG gives the mounted devices ideal mechanical protection. In this most spacious of all portable systems, there is plenty of room in the protective bag for the MEDUMAT Transport patient hose system. The long zippers on the side flaps allow quick and convenient access to the devices. Two roomy side bags, available as accessories, have space for the power supply unit and charger for MEDUMAT Transport or for an extra rechargeable battery.

Oxygen Systems and vehicular EQUIPMENT

Reliable Supply of Oxygen with WEINMANN Emergency.
A good outcome depends on the safe and exact dosage of oxygen in an emergency. Our products for your oxygen systems and emergency vehicles guarantee top quality that you can rely on 100%.
A reliable supply of oxygen is ensured by our OXYWAY pressure reducers and flow regulators, oxygen cylinders, pressure reducer connectors and a broad range of accessories. We promise dependability for long-term oxygen supplies at the scene of an emergency, during long transport routes and for simultaneous treatment of several patients.

O2 Box Rescue compact

Compact and mobile oxygen system.
When a Mass Casualty Incident occurs, many patients need immediate and simultaneous access to life-saving oxygen at the site of the emergency. With the O2 Box Rescue compact we have produced a portable oxygen system to withstand the toughest conditions. The MCI-tested box has a 2000-liter oxygen supply for simultaneous care of up to four patients. Emergency personnel can connect an external ventilator or a resuscitator to the Box at any time in order to prepare patients for immediate transport and to maintain their vital functions. The Box's compact dimensions make it much handier than the previous model. To make sure that the O2 Box Rescue compact can stand up to rugged conditions, we have installed special foam padding to protect the oxygen cylinders and pressure reducers.

O2 Box Rescue
Portable, multi-use oxygen system.

In the event of a disaster with mass casualties, rescue workers need medical equipment that is immediately available, tough and easy to use. The portable, flexible oxygen system fulfills all these requirements and also supplies oxygen to four patients at one time. The oxygen administrator, which is conveniently mounted on the cover, has four inhalation outlets with lockable dosages and a variety of additional ports which can be used to connect to a central gas facility, a ventilator or a demand valve with a bag-valve-mask resuscitator. Equipped with 2000 liters of oxygen, a single box provides maximum flexibility of use. The Walther connector on the pressure hose and pressure reducer makes it quick and easy to change cylinders as needed. Cylinders which are not required to supply the oxygen administrator can be used to supply other equipment via the G3/8” outlet or the Walther-type connector.

OXYWAY pressure reducer
The right pressure in emergency situations.

Our rugged, durable and lightweight pressure reducers are second to none. Everyday critical situations in emergency medical care often require you to act quickly – and our pressure reducer is designed to enable you to do just that! OXYWAY enables optimum oxygen dosage. Whether you are looking to deploy medical devices or administer directly to patients, we offer three types of pressure reducer or flow regulator for central gas supply systems, so that you can choose the one most suited to your requirements:

Medical oxygen
Oxygen cylinders for every requirement.

Medical oxygen is indispensable in a wide range of emergency situations, where it is regularly employed by EMTs for resuscitation purposes and CPAP therapy, for example. WEINMANN Emergency offers you a variety of options for transporting it. Simply choose the best one to suit your requirements:
The small, handy 0.3 l cylinder in the ULM CASE Baby. The practical 2 l cylinder for installation on our LIFE-BASE portable system. The large 10 l cylinder for use in the ambulance itself. You also have the choice between the classic steel version and the particularly lightweight aluminum cylinder. In addition, oxygen cylinders from WEINMANN Emergency are equipped with state-of-the-art residual pressure valves for maximum protection against corrosion of the cylinder interior.

OXYBAG Oxygen BagS
Oxygen supply without compromise.

Stay flexible with OXYBAG oxygen bags! Transport oxygen cylinders and accessories safely to the site of the emergency using OXYBAG. For oxygen inhalation in first aid or for supplementing your MEDUMAT ventilators - OXYBAG means you always have a separate oxygen cylinder to hand. The OXYBAG oxygen bag is available in two sizes. Choose between the small version for 2 L oxygen cylinders and the large one for cylinders from 2 L up to 5 L – each in either blue or green. OXYBAG for 2 liter oxygen cylinders, blue (max. cylinder length incl. pressure reducer: 500 mm). OXYBAG for 2 to 5 liter oxygen cylinders, blue (max. cylinder length incl. pressure reducer: 550 mm). OXYBAG for 2 liter oxygen cylinders, green (max. cylinder length incl. pressure reducer: 500 mm). OXYBAG for 2 to 5 liter oxygen cylinders, green (max. cylinder length incl. pressure reducer: 550 mm)

Suction Pumps

Robust products for effective clearing of the airways.
Suction of the mouth and pharynx area is rendered extremely simple and effective by the use of our robust suction devices. Clearing of the airways is one of the first measures to be taken in order to ensure adequate oxygen supply. We can offer you different suction solutions to meet different needs: MANUVAC for manual suction, electric suction with ACCUVAC Pro and ACCUVAC Lite and oxygen or compressed gas-operated suction with OMNIVAC.


Portable Electric Suction Unit.
Experience at its Best – for Professional Demands.
Clearing the patient's airways of obstructions is the first life-saving measure in an emergency situation. ACCUVAC Pro is the right partner for suctioning a patient's mouth and throat or endotracheal or bronchial areas. The device's high suction capacity and simple operation enable professional users to provide effective and proven treatment to the patient at the scene of an emergency. By means of the four pre-defined suction levels, the user can set the ideal suction capacity in ACCUVAC Pro for use with small children to adults. In addition to suctioning airways, the ACCUVAC Pro also deflates vacuum splints and mattresses.


Simply Strong − Suction Made Easy.

In an emergency keeping the airways clear is critical to the patient's survival. For many decades ACCUVAC has been the standard for suctioning airways. ACCUVAC Lite suctions the patient's mouth and throat or endotracheal or bronchial areas. The high suction capacity and simple operation guarantee fast and effective treatment in an emergency or in the hospital.
Broad field of application, flexible handling.
The negative pressure range of the ACCUVAC Lite can be infinitely adjusted with the easy-to-use vacuum regulator. Every patient group from small children to adults can be treated. In addition to suctioning of the airways, ACCUVAC Lite also deflates vacuum splints and -mattresses.


Manual Suction Pump.

The manual suction pump MANUVAC has been proven in emergency use. MANUVAC is rugged, stable, maintenance-free and simple to operate by hand, foot or knee.

Despite its small dimensions, MANUVAC has strong suction capability with a maximum -700 mbar. It can remove up to 160 ml of secretion per pedal push. The removable secretions container is equipped with a two-stage hose system for the suction of mucous, blood and solid food particles.

Emergency Cases and Backpacks

For Use Under the Toughest Conditions.

It was the innovation in all-round pre-hospital care of emergency patients: the ULM CASE, which Weinmann developed some 40 years ago. Thanks to its organizational clarity, customized set-up of equipment and robust construction, the ULM CASE remains one of the most important transport containers in emergency medicine. Our emergency backpacks RESCUE-PACK offer you the same organizational clarity plus great stability and safe transport of your equipment. It combines the emergency case concept with the advantages of a backpack. So on the way to the scene of an emergency, both your hands are free.

Emergency Case ULM CASE – The Classic

Three sizes – One system.
Highly organized at your fingertips – the ULM CASE with its semi-variable interior compartments has been on the scene for decades. The three classic ULM CASE products offer a wide range of compartment divisions for practically any requirement. Its versatility, combined with its unmatched ruggedness and durability, make each ULM CASE indispensable in an emergency.


RESCUE-PACK – Shouldering an Emergency.
Long and difficult stretches of road? Big gatherings of people? At high altitudes or for water rescue? – An emergency that’s anything but routine is ideal for the RESCUE-PACK emergency backpack from WEINMANN Emergency. The RESCUE-PACK successfully combines the advantages of a conventional emergency case with the benefits of a backpack. There’s no need to open the main compartment of the backpack. Just open the front two flaps for fast and efficient access to the things you need right away. Place RESCUE-PACK on our MEDUcart stand for use in hospital.

Accessories and Consumables

WEIMMANN Emergency offers you a comprehensive product portfolio and thus for every situation the suitable accessories. Ease of use and intuitive operation make our accessories and
consumables so convincing. See for yourself! The products are solidly designed and therefore adapted to the toughest operating conditions. We place high importance on the materials
employed and biocompatibility in order to protect patients as well as users.


Patient hose systems

Power supply and options

Patient Interface and ventilation masks

CO2 detector CapnoDura Combi

Other accessories

Defibrillation and Monitoring

MEDUCORE Standard²:
Electrodes, cables, sensors, power supply and other accessories

MEDUCORE Standard:
Electrodes, cables, sensors, power supply and other accessories

Portable System LIFE-BASE

LIFE-BASE single devices
Power supply for LIFE-BASE

Bags, shoulder straps and attachment sets for:
LIFE-BASE light and LIFE-BASE light XS

Oxygen Systems and Vehicular Equipment

Connection nozzles for inhalation
Connection options for pressure hoses
Quick-release couplings/adapters with G3/8" threads T-distributor with/without quick-release coupling
Locking screws
Adapter for oxygen cylinders (high-pressure)
Shut-off valves
Pressure Hoses
Oxygen Cylinders and Cylinder Brackets
OXYBAG bag for oxygen cylinders


ACCUVAC Pro: Wall mounting, 12-volt connection cable, Mains/charger, Shoulder strap, Protective bag

ACCUVAC Lite: Wall mounting, 12-volt connection cable, Mains/charger, Shoulder strap, Protective bag

ACCUVAC Pro and Lite:
Fastening, Protection, carrying comfort and storage Accessories and consumables reusable system Accessories and consumables disposable system Accessories for MANUVAC and OMNIVAC

Emergency Cases and Backpacks

Accessories for emergency cases:
Wall mounting, Interior divider, Ampoule strip

Case Labels

Accessories for emergency backpacks:
Bags, Tension belt, Set of dividers

Equipment Accessories:
Laryngoscopes, Sphygmomanometers, Stethoscopes, Pressure infusion unit and Manual suction pump

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